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World Travellers Club - In EnglishWelcome to the website of the Wereldreizigersclub, the website of the World Travellers Club of the Netherlands. It is an online travel magazine and travel blog that is dedicated to independent travel. The purpose of this website and travel blog is to be the starting point for everyone who wants to travel, to any place in the world.

It contains more than 3000 pages with practical travel information about every country in the world, travel news, travel links, travel stories and travel photos. The site has over 30.000 unique visitors and 45.000 page views a month.

The Twitter-account has more than 2200 followers and the Google PageRank is 4/10. The Trust Flow is 53 and the Citation Flow is 51. The Domain Authority and Page Authority have a score of 45. The website is being updated continuously and grows every day. In the near future the website of the World Travellers Club should be the most comprehensive travel site in The Netherlands and Belgium.

The World Travellers Club, founded in 1996 in Amsterdam, is completely independent. The site is a product of Xozo Communications in The Netherlands and is not related in any part to a travel company, an airline, a tour operator or any other company that is involved in the travel business. The content is written by independent travellers who don’t get paid by any company that is involved in the travel business. For funding , the site has some advertisements and advertorials.

Unfortunately for my English-language visitors, however, this site is in Dutch. You can use specific internet tools,  like Google Translate, to translate the content from Dutch to English or any other language.

Press releases

If you are representing an airline, a travel company, a tourist authority or a public relations company that is involved in the travel business, you are more than welcome to send press releases to the World Travellers Club.

The website features a section with travel news ( which provides travel news on a daily basis that may be of interest for Dutch and Belgian travellers. We cover news about new developments at travel destinations, but we also like to inform our visitors about new and cool travel gadgets and travel accessories. Furthermore, if you organize a press trip and want more coverage among travellers in the Netherlands en Belgium, do no hesitate to contact us.

Press releases and invitations can be send to You can also use this e-mail address if you want more information about the site of the World Travellers Club.

Advertisements and advertorials

For travel and tourism companies it is possible to have an advertisement or advertorial on the website of the World Travellers Club of the Netherlands. The options are an article (written in Dutch) about a travel destination with one or two do-follow links, or a paid text link that is integrated in our content. With an advertisement you can reach passionate travellers living in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). The visitors of our site travel a lot and spend much of their spare time and money on travelling. They travel to exotic destinations at other continents, but are also enjoying themselves during a city trip in Europe. In general, they are aged between 20 and 40 years old.


Sponsored articles will have the look and feel of all other pages at our site. The price for an advertorial is € 60 for six months. The article is mentioned under ‘Reisspecials’ in the left column of the site, and will be visible on the homepage and all 3000 other pages of our site.

It’s also possible to publish an advertorial within a specific section of the website. If you are not capable to write an advertorial in the Dutch language, we can do this ourselves, for an extra cost of € 60. If you are interested, please send us a message.

Text links

The price for a text link on an existing page is € 50 for 12 months. If you order four text links on four different pages, you get a discount of 25 percent. In this case the total price will be € 150 for 12 months. For editoral reasons it is not possible to have a text link on the main content part of the homepage (the right column).

If you are interested in advertising on our website, please leave us a message at:

Last updated at January 19, 2017.

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