Memories of Mexico

Margarita CocktailsTequila, Corona, sombrero hats and tortillas – you can all get it here. So why to bother going all the way to Mexico? Well, you should, to discover the unexpected origins of these Mexican treats you can get in everyday life. To learn that the Maya indians in between their temples invented a bread that was later called tortilla, that Mexican guys do wear a cowboy hat instead of a sombrero and that Corona is just being drank out of a glass instead of nipping directly from the bottle. The true Mexico is more than beaches, nightclubs, eating and drinking. The country is a perfect mix of culture, nature and pleasure, which you can only discover by going there yourself. Start here by digitally flipping through a selection of pictures I took during a much too short holiday in the autumn of 2003, with a few shots of Guatemala too. After that, buy your plane ticket or read my diary I kept in Mexico (in Dutch only).



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