Koningaap - Costa Rica

The Spirit of Costa Rica
Costa Rica reisverhaalOne of world’s natural wonders lies in the middle of Central America. Although it’s a small country similar in size to the Netherlands, Costa Rica has more species of plants and animals than any other country of the world. In fact, with its tropical forests, volcanoes and pleasant beaches full of palm trees, it’s a big open air zoo. Any moment you can hear the beautiful songs of birds and the chirping of the insects. With its Latin American mix of music, relaxation, rum and adventure, you will never be bored. And last but not least, with no army it is one of the most peaceful and democratic countries in the region. I visited Costa Rica (and a small part of Panama) in February of 2002. Here you can read my diary (Dutch only) and take a look at the pictures I took during my trip, to discover the spirit of Costa Rica.



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