Welcome to Egypt! In September 2000 I traveled to the country with the oldest civilization in the world. Although most of it has disappeared, there are enough temples, pyramids and tombs left to wander around for hours, if not days. But what attracted me most, were the deserts. The enormous emptiness, the variety of colours of the sand, the drought, the silence, the infinite number of stars at the sky at night and the sudden appearance of an oasis…. it’s a thrilling experience. I visited both the Libyan desert and the Sinai, two completely different landscapes with their own characteristics. Join me in a photo journey to these treasures of Egypt. We will start in Cairo, the starting point of every traveler and the city that connects the fertile Nile region in the country with the endless deserts. Or read my travel journal of Egypt, with a day-to-day account of my experiences during the month I was in the country (in Dutch only).

                         [DAGBOEK VAN EEN REIS NAAR EGYPTE]


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